These optical frames is unique in their properties. Made with special material ТR90 Natural or Grilamid, which could be called the material of Highest Natural Technologies.

Today it is the most natural material used in the manufacture of prescription spectacles. It is produced on the basis of natural raw materials used in transplantation and therefore, the most compatible with the human body.

Light, flexible and unbreakable

•Frames weight is only 3-5 gr, they are light, flexible and unbreakable. 100% organic raw materials used in the production process helps prevent many microbial, toxic and allergic diseases and show the responsible attitude to the environment.

•The materials used in production are supplied exclusively from Europe: the special material TR-90 Natural is from Switzerland and the components are from Italy and Germany.

•35% of collection is frames for kids, 35% – junior and 30% – adult.

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